We have a clear and comprehensive environmental policy, which includes our commitments to:

comply with the spirit, as well as the letter of all applicable environmental legislation, approved codes of practice and any other requirements not codified by law to which we subscribe co-operate fully and maintain open relationships with all regulatory authorities comply with all of the environmental requirements of the company’s clients continually improve the environmental sustainability of our operations by reducing negative environmental impacts and enhancing positive impacts wherever reasonably practicable.

These commitments will be achieved, wherever practicable, by: minimising our contribution to climate change by reducing the use of all raw materials, energy, water and supplies preventing pollution of the environment including minimising releases to air, land and water implementing a waste management hierarchy to minimise the quantity of waste produced reducing the need for business travel and otherwise encouraging the use of more sustainable forms of transport providing environmental progress and performance updates to employees, clients and other interested stakeholders ensuring that all employees, persons and organisations working on our behalf are familiar with our policy expecting similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.

Our commitment to sustainable development is underpinned by our core values mentioned above and is reflected in the specific objectives we seek to achieve in our corporate responsibility programme. IREP complies fully with all legal obligations regarding our operation. Our aim is to ensure that projects under our control are managed in a way that incorporates and assesses their impact on the environment. IREP has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) which measures, monitors and sets targets for the reduction of our significant environmental impacts. We employ procedures that minimise resource use and seek to utilise sustainable materials wherever possible. We are committed to increasing staff awareness through training and regular updates.