Our excellence with respect to Health &Safety and Environment is paramount to the success of International Real Estate Partners (IREP).

To achieve this IREP will do following:

  • We will ensure that all applicable legal, regula sound professional judgment where regulatory requiretory and contractual requirements are met and adoptments do not exist.
  • We will identify health, safety risks & environment risk and ensure that appropriate controls and contingency plans are in place to address unforeseen events.
  • Minimize our contribution to climate change by reducing energy, water and other resource consumption;implement a waste management hierarchy to minimize the        quantity of waste produced;
  • Preventing personal injuries, ill health, and pollution to environment and property loss by applying HSE Standards as an integral part of all our business activities.
  • Demonstrating that IREP will continue the improvement in day-to-day operations to reduce the number of accidents / incidents related.
  • Training & communicating the policy to employees and other interested parties with emphasis on their individual HSE obligations, as well as upgrading our staff and                enhancing their competency.

This Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement shall be made available to all interested parties and all IREP employees and other stakeholders. It is periodically reviewed to ensure it is compliant with ISO 14001;2015 & ISO 45001:2018