IREP Facilities Management

IREP offers a wide range of facilities management services delivered through a fully integrated platform that is flexible, comprehensive and complete. The flexibility in the IREP service offering enables customers to tailor services to fit not only their needs but also the operational model that is adopted at the facility.

IREP Facilities Management

  • Facility Project Governance and Management
  • Facility Management Consultancy
  • Facilities Resources Planning Consultancy
  • Feasibility Studies Consultancies
  • Financial Management
  • Energy and Sustainability Management
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Forecasting
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Environmental, Health and Safety audits & compliance
  • Workplace Performance
  • Global 24/7 Facility Helpdesk and Work Order Management System
  • FM IT Solutions
  • Facility benchmarking & procurement Solutions

Why choose IREP for these services?

  • We have a proven track record at reducing operational costs whilst improving and optimizing service delivery
  • We are driven by Client service and underpinned by technical excellence
  • We help our clients create and protect value to maximize asset life and ROI
  • We deploy technology to advantage, in innovative and cost-effective initiatives


John Samuels

Head of Facilities Operations Management

The senior point of contact for Facilities Management operations for IREP globally with extensive facilities management experience throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Asia Pacific. Providing tailored management solutions for both investment and occupier clients across a wide variety of property types.
“I have a proven track record of driving cost reductions whilst maintaining a high level of service delivery & client satisfaction”