IOT Lighting

On the back of IGS’s success in Vertical Farming, they have developed a solution to serve the commercial lighting market with this new technology. They have managed to combine power and communications into a single, highly efficient infrastructure platform. They have consolidated a number of disciplines into one simple, low cost platform – giving the end user the ability and flexibility to attach any device/ sensor to this network and platform. Compared with current LED lighting systems, the IGS system is designed to be easier and cheaper to install and offer lower operational costs. It is a truly scalable, flexible and future-proofed, smart, LED lighting platform.

Some of the benefits include –

  • Reduces capital and operating costs
  • Significantly reduces power consumption
  • Increase data quality & value
  • Integrated Data and IOT
  • Lower environmental impact


Christina Porter

Business Development Manager

Leading IREP’s business development activities across the agritech and IOT divisions. Energetic, dynamic self-starter who is driving new growth areas for IREP and its clients. Chartered Surveyor with experience in the real estate and oil and gas sectors, in the UK and Middle East. Passionate about helping businesses to grow and achieve their potential, through representing our clients in key emerging markets across the GCC.