IREP is proud to partner with IGS in the Middle East

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) was established in 2013 as an indoor horticulture business. The combination of the founders’ agricultural and engineering experience conceived a vision for the business to deliver commercial viability to the vertical farming model by improving productivity (yield, quality, consistency) whilst dramatically driving down the cost of power and labour through Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA).

Investment in building the world’s most advanced indoor demonstration facility at the James Hutton Institute in Scotland has allowed the team to develop, patent and productise its breakthrough, IOT-enabled Power & Comms Platform consisting of patented electrical, electronic and mechanical technologies. All this is managed by a SaaS & Data Platform using AI to deliver economic and operational benefits to indoor growing environments across the globe.

In addition to the usual benefits of vertical farming (water consumption,
pesticide-free, closer to market etc.) the key benefits of our Growth Tower Vertical Farming system are:


  • Patented Power & Comms technology enables efficient control of dynamic, multi-spectral LED lighting                           systems, giving the crops the light they need when they need it
  • Growing can be optimised to the regional energy model giving the lowest cost of power


  • The growing environment offers precision control, allowing us to sculpt the crops to obtain optimised yield,                  quality and consistency
  • Novel ventilation solution offers unparalleled control and uniformity
  • Crops are effectively grown to order as all growth cycles can be prescheduled – zero wastage


  • Fully-automated growing environment powered by IGS software
  • Everything from irrigation to ventilation is centrally-controlled


  • Every aspect of the system is designed to be modular and scalable
  • Artificial Intelligence ensures continual operational improvement
  • IGS is co-located with the world-renowned James Hutton Institute which gives IGS and our customers access           to leading crop science capabilities